Saturday, June 26, 2010

On to marleybone!


So today i finished the vigrid roughlands in grizzleheim and i went to try the next area. turns out i cant until i am level 30. im level 28. so, i went to marleybone and accepted a few quests.

marleybone is a very interesting world.

it looks alot like the parts of london where my cousins live, except for the whole airship and rooftop thing going on. the buildings are accurate, and i enjoyed playing in hyde park and looking for stray cats.

i accepted a quest which had me looking for baxter, some sort of cat thing who has info on the o'learys, a mob of rodents and felines.

one thing about marleybone: how all the dogs have really strong british accents and the cats sound like my grandfather(who grew up in chicago in the 20s and 30s).

my grandpa has an accent which sounds like mobsters on all the 1960's movies about them. he also sounds exactly like the cat thugs.

my cousin(who lives in london) sounds exactly like felicia(the craft lady)

so congrats kingsisle on making the people sound realistic!


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